How to Buy Shapewear

Sometimes working out is not enough to lose stubborn tummy fat. A little bit of lumpiness here and there is normal for women. However, you might not want to show off those lumps in a special dinner dress. Shapewear, as it is now known, is what you need to smoothen out those lumps and look red carpet ready at home. You may have already heard about shapewear like Spanx, which even celebrities wear to that aforementioned red carpet. These days you can choose shapewear from many more brands than Spanx, so it can be difficult to choose what’s right for you. If you are facing this dilemma, then follow the below tips for choosing the right shapewear for you:

Buy in Your Regular Size

Do not buy shapewear that are below your normal size. If you wear large pants, then buy large waist trainers as well. It will be very difficult and uncomfortable to wear shapewear that has been sized down. The point of shapewear is to make your frame look smaller, so buying it in your regular size is kind of the point. In any case, make sure the shapewear you buy is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. If a clothing item makes it difficult for you to move your limbs, or breathe, then don’t buy it.

Choose Nylon Products

Nylon shapewear is highly recommended over other material. You won’t get 100 percent nylon items, but the higher the nylon content is, the better the shapewear will be. Nylon items are lightweight and fit well. The material is sturdy enough to alter your shape as well. Nylon is good for smoothing out those lumps that you want hidden. So, when you go shopping for those waist trainers Melbourne next, check the clothing label for nylon content.

Use High Waisted Pants for Tummy Tucking

If you want to lower part of your torso to look slim, then choose high waisted pants or skirts. The shapewear will contour the entire waist area so you look shapely from neck to hip. Buying shapewear just for the tummy or legs doesn’t usually secure your form. High waisted items are better at smoothing out the looks of your whole frame.

Avoid Layering

Some people wear shapewear over shapewear, like tights over a compression garment. Avoid doing this. Garments that compress the skin, or tight fitting clothes, generally contain nylon. So does shapewear to an extent. It’s not wise to layer nylon garments. One layer will slip over the other, causing seams that could end up visible through your clothing. If you need to wear nylon-containing outwear, try wearing clothes with compression support. For example, there are tights that function both as outerwear and shapewear. This option is better for staying comfortable and avoiding obviously looking like you are wearing shapewear.

Use a Bodysuit for All Over Compression

If you want shapewear for the whole body, consider buying a bodysuit than separate tops and bottoms. You will get more streamlined contours and a natural-looking shapely look. Bodysuits are better for making your tummy look flat.

Next time you go shopping for shapewear, keep the above suggestions in mind.


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