Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an Esplanade

Are you shouldering the tedious task of designing an esplanade for the public in a particular community? Undoubtedly, a lot of research and brainstorming would certainly have gone into the process. However, there are those tiny slips and mistakes that ultimately end up costing you all your hard work as well. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when designing an esplanade.

Not Giving It Enough Cooling Spaces

If your esplanade is constantly bathed in sunlight that is direct from about seven in the morning till sunset, you will not have many visitors at all. Sure the trees will provide cooling spaces but if you live in a city in a country like Australia where the summers are really nice and warm, wherever possible try to install some shade structures Melbourne as well so that people can avoid a sunburn and still enjoy the sunshine and the warmth from the cooling areas. It will really come in handy because the same can be true during the times of rainfall as well. Imagine a mother with a child unable to find a place to stay away from getting wet while in the esplanade? You want to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Planting the Wrong Trees

Any esplanade will have trees growing that are planted to make it appear more verdant and pleasing to the eye. It is essential because nobody really thinks that a withered and dried up expanse of ground covered in yellowing and dried bushes is a great place to unwind and enjoy life. Therefore you need to consider factors like the climate in the area, the maintenance level of the plants and the ease with which they can be germinated as well if you are to make the right choices for the plants that you choose. If not you will be losing a lot of income on maintaining them and making sure that they do not die. Even after all of this, if the plants do not survive you will have lost a lot of investment.

Not Having a Good and Spacious Layout

An esplanade cannot be cramped up. It needs to have enough space and with it, enough flow so that people do not get claustrophobic during the times that crowds come in. it also needs to work well together and make sense. For example if you have a water feature and no seating in the vicinity of it even, people will be disappointed. Similarly if you have only one exit and entry point, it will get all cluttered. Therefore think in a logical manner and plan the layout of your esplanade design in a way where there is ample space for everybody to move around without hindering each other and also make sure that the esplanade is designed in a way where it is cohesive and enjoyable. Even though these may seem like rather obvious points, they are also the ones that will not immediately occur to you but will jump out at people who come to the esplanade, therefore, pay careful attention and avoid these critical mistakes.

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